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Created 10-Sep-12
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Shots from the 12/9/2011 - 12/10/2011 eclipse, taken with a Canon EF 100-400 L lens. The first shot was taken in the evening outside my home. The next shots up to the point of totality were shot at Moffett Field, as all the parks were closed. The remainder were taken next to Shoreline Lake by the boathouse, since the park opens at 6am.
Pre-eclipse shot of the moon, created from 3 imagesLunar eclipse at totality, this was a fast initial processing before I go through and process the images. I think I need to sleep first. :)Sadly, the eclipse fell prey to the lightening sky before it became the "Impossible" sight (sun and eclipsed moon) that was in the news. I'd hoped to get a shot of it reflecting in the water, but that

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